Lookup field Customisation


Following https://plumsail.com/docs/forms-sp/how-to/lookup-view.html i am able to bring all extra fields. Its very nice feature.

But i couldnt find how to high-light(and scroll to ) the selected item in the edit form.
Assume user selected "Castle Hill" in the New form and saved the item.
In the Edit form, if the user click on the down-arrow of the control, the drop-down opens up and shows all options. But it shows options from first item, i am expecting it to high-light the selected option in the drop-down and scroll to that item.
Is it possible.

Hello @Muthu,

It should be scrolled automatically to the selected option and highlight it like this:

Could you please share the code you are using and the screenshot of how you see the values of the lookup field on the Edit form. Thank you!