Lookup Fields Disappeared from SharePoint Form


I have a SharePoint Online form that includes Lookup fields, and they are broken. Today we found that the Lookup fields no longer display on the Plumsail form.

The data does exist in the SharePoint List. I'm not sure what has changed to make those fields stop displaying their information.

Please help me understand how to fix this. Screenshots attached.

Thank you!


This has also happened to me today on two forms. Is it related to the latest Plumsail Forms update?
Additional fields are no longer visible on display view.

Hello @traveller, @LMonty,

Developers are already working on a fix.

Yes, the issue relates to the latest major updates that boost the performance and massively increase the max size of our forms. This bug is an unintended consequence and the fix will be published soon.


Looks like the fix is complete! The Additional Fields are showing up properly! :smiley:

This has caused a change to my form's formatting. Please see the attached image.

These rows used to line up. Now the Additional Fields have more space between them. What CSS should I adjust to fix the change? Thank you again for all of your help.

Hello @LMonty,

Yes, we've published a fix yesterday, I'm glad it's working now!

Do you have any custom CSS on the form? Please comment it out and check if the width of the fields still differs.