Lookup filed in parent LIbrary

Hi i noticed I have troubles with Lookup field in parent Library for List and Library component? Are there any limits for numbers of lookup fileds? I want to have two tabs with two lookups in one library e.g Incoming, Outgoing.

I noticed that i can only choose one and sometimes no lookup fields are visible during configuration source library even lookup field exists in library. I must delete Library and create new one with new lookup field.

Hello @wflorczyk,

Could you please share more details about the issue. Form screenshot would be very helpful.

Also, are you using lookup fields or lookup controls? Do you have any custom code on the form?

I created Library to store files (aka attachments) with two Lookup columns to two lists. When I'm linking List and Library component to one list I see only one lookup column. I think I should see two lookup columns not only one?


Do you mean that you see only one lookup field in the Data Source editor >> Lookup field?

If so, you see lookup field that point to the current list only. Thus child records are bound to the child.

Ok, tnak you for you answer. I think this is a problem, I will check.


Why is it a problem?

What exactly do you want to design using two lookup fields? Please share more details so we could think of possible solutions.

Everything is OK. Your solution works.