Mail message soft fails

We are experiencing a lot of soft fails on messages being sent from the address which are getting quarantined by our mail server as it appears your SPF record may not be up to date with all addresses.

Hello David,

Thank you for the report about the issue.
Could you please check it again we have just changed related the settings.

Thanks Roman,

We can see the SPF record looks ok, but we still have the occasional message being quarantined so are checking things from our end…

Is there any way to see a log of messages being generated by the Help Desk system?

Thanks and regards,


Unfortunately not, currently, this is not available. Please let me know which log do you need I can try to request it from DEV team.

Thanks Roman,

Our testing has settled down a bit and all appears to be working ok, but we are about to expand some testing and will let you know if we see any issues. I’m finding the system good to work with and will be getting some more feedback on others opinions shortly.

Many thanks for the prompt replies.