Max Date from DataTable

I have a DataTable and one of the columns is a date column. Is there a way to get the max date from this column?

For example, if the dates listed were 11/1/2020, null, 11/4/2020, 11/2/2020 it would return 11/4/2020

Dear @teddy0bear,
You can try the following code:

var highestDate;
var rows = fd.control('DataTable1').value;
  if(!highestDate || highestDate < row.DateColumn){
    highestDate = row.DateColumn;

Just replace DateColumn with the Name of your column, and, of course, that's just a sample, it should be inside an appropriate event to be used correctly on the form. If you need any help - just let me know when you want to get this highest date and what you want to do with it.