Me again... Form ID


I’m using SharePoint Online and Plumsail Forms 1.1.3

I have created a form, saved it and when I try to insert the form on a SharePoint page the webpart asks for a Form ID.

A lot of the documentation says it is in the “General” button on the Forms software which isn’t on my version of the software. When I go to the Plumsail website, it says that I haven’t designed any forms yet, so there is no Form ID.

What do I need to do to publish this form?


I only get the attached messages when I try to load the form into a Modern UI page.

The webpart asks for a form ID, but the only Form ID I've seen is the one generated for Flow. I tried that (as you can see) and it didn't work.

Am I missing something really simple, here?

I have the same issue

@bedmanager @jktodd007
In the recent version, General button was replaced with Flow button. It has the same functionality, just different name. We’ll update the documentation in the nearest future.

Only Plumsail Public Web Forms can be inserted this way on a page. SharePoint Forms are automatically replacing default form for a list or library you design them for.

So I would just add the list? I want to add the form I have designed to a modern UI page but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that? All I can see is the actual bare form with the standard list columns. I would ideally like to have the display form in place on the page with an option to edit the form as a link.

Dear @bedmanager,
Please, read the instruction for SharePoint forms here -
In short, your users will always see a Modern UI form. If they click New Item in the List, they’ll see New Form. If they’ll click Edit Item, they’ll see Edit Form. Finally, if they just click on the Item, they’ll see Display Form.

There is an option to go to Edit Form from Display Form as well:

Hi Nikita,

I want to host my form on a site page by adding a Plumsail Web Part but I am stuck with this annoying prompt for Form ID.

Where do I obtain this as I can't view my "New" Form.

Thanks as always!

Dear @Qman,
What do you mean, can you post screenshots? If you select SharePoint form, you should be able to select what form you want to post. Here's more on that - SharePoint Forms publishing with a web part — SharePoint forms


see below:

When I click "Edit web part" --> "Configure"

I am using SharePoint 2019.

Dear @Qman,
Seems like you're using an older version of Plumsail Forms, as the latest version should allow you to select SharePoint List and Form. This old version only allows to embed public web forms.

Update the server side solution and the app package in the app catalog to get the latest version - Update Plumsail Forms On-Premises solution — SharePoint forms