Merge and link to original ticket

Good afternoon. Is it possible, after merging tickets, to display a link to the old tickets in new merging ticket in tickets text?

Please, leave an answer

Hello Viktar! I am sorry for the delay. Please, edit the same localization file as I advised you in this topic. This time, pay attention to row 43:

  • enclose the #{{Ticket.TicketID}} token between hyperlink tags;
  • escape double quotes in its attribute with a backslash;
  • add a URL to the ticket using a {{Ticket.ID}} token at its end (in the GET request).

It should look like this (I've shortened it a bit):

"<p>Ticket <a href=\"YOUR_HD_INSTANCE_URL/SitePages/PlumsailForms/Tickets/Ticket/DisplayForm.aspx?item={{Ticket.ID}}\">#{{Ticket.TicketID}}</a> \"{{Ticket.Title}}\" has been closed and merged...

The path is entered once, the second time it duplicates it
After making changes, it adds the path to the current site, because of this there is no way to enter the correct address

Excuse me, but I don't quite understand what is the second time and how to reproduce the issue you have with appending the URL to an existing one. Anyway, could you correct the reference in the link's attribute: use a fully quilified URL with HTTPS protocol in it and correct your GET request - use just one equals sign. Please check whether it works, if it doesn't, let me know how to reproduce the issue.