Merge Contacts in Help Desk Contacts List

I have added Many of my customers to my Help Desk Contacts list... I just had one of those clients write in and a new contact (item) was created because I didn't have their email in my system. What would the best practice be for merging these two contact (items)?


Hi @cchase,
please let me know if I did understand you correctly.
You've added a client with one email in the Contacts, but then the client has emailed from another address, is that correct?
For now, HelpDesk can't merge contacts with different email addresses, each contact should have a unique address. Can you, please describe your use-case scenario for merging the contacts with different emails? Thanks!

We actually have a slightly different issue. We added many clients some of those clients have no email on the plumsail contact info... when they send an email I I match their name with the contact we created for them that lacks an email address and I wonder how I can join those two contact the one that has only and email address and any info the client added themselves and the contact I created that lacks the email. I hope perhaps there is a way now we may be able to resolve this.

Hello! Unfortunately, there is no way to merge contacts. You need to delete one and keep another. If both contacts have bound tickets, then change a requester in those that are bound with the contact to be deleted: set for them the contact you will keep in the Requester field. If the task is too bulky, you could create a flow in Power Automate to do the same things.

What is the use of the Alternate Email field then?

It is a field for additional e-mail address. You can ignore it, use it, or add more fields for storing the addresses. You can refer to the field in HelpDesk triggers (in conditions) and use it in the actions for sending messages (with tokens). Also, the field will be available for different actions in Power Automate flows.