Minimum requirements of Forms for SharePoint Online

Hi, I noticed a few of my users can't open the Forms even permission has been granted. I can't remember what I done but the user able to see the forms details after that.

Hence, I would like to clarify what are the minimum requirements needed for Plumsail Forms?

Windows 7? Latest browsers? Any additional apps to be installed?

Thank you.

Hello @noorshahida88,

Requirements are browser, internet connection and appropriate access to the SharePoint site. No special requirements for the end-users.

Could you please share the screenshot of the window with the error that users see.

There must be some standard requirements, not just any browser right? Noticed it should be latest version.

It was not permission issue since it can open the Plumsail Forms but totally blank. Otherwise it will display access denied message.


Plumsail Forms works with all modern browsers, including IE11.

What browser your users have?
Can users open other forms?
Do you have any errors in the console? Could you please share the screenshot.

My users normally use IE and Chrome only since a lot of the PC are Windows 7.
For those with this issue, they unable to open other Plumsail Forms also.


Are there any errors in the console on the user side?

Could you please share the screenshots.

I have the same issues with some users. Is it possible, that users need at least e.g. contribute permissions to some content?


Do users, who cannot open the form, have a different access level than users who can open the form?

Which browser do they use? Do they get any error in the console?

Do they use classic experience or modern?