Missing Picture when is fed by the system users

I am missing something in the set up of my org chart, I see in the attributes of my system I can select a Picture URL to display the pictures, however nothing is shown when I selected this from the box, I guess it is because the pictures in Microsoft 365 are not display in an URL.
What can I do to solve this please?

Hello! To display users' pictures, set up this field:

It will display the picture only if a SharePoint user profile has it, not Microsoft 365 or Azure. So if the picture is not displayed in the chart, please check the SP profiles in the SharePoint admin centre. Perhaps, some pictures were not synchronized with Azure AD. In this case, you need to upload them manually or run a PowerShell script to force the picture synchronization for all users.

Please in that case can you give me the best way to show all my organization with pictures? Plus extra attributes as an "About me", I would really appreciate it a lot.

Thank you again!

As I mentioned, you have two options:

  1. upload pictures manually in each profile where it is not displayed,
  2. use a PowerSell script to do it automatically in bulk.

For the second option, you can search Google for solutions. For example, I found this one. Please note that it is not tested by me.

I'm using the Picture (PictureURL) attribute as shown above. Some pictures are displaying in the org chart while others aren't, even though the picture is in their SP profile. Not sure what I'm missing.


Hello @CPrompt,

This can happen if Org Chart does not have access to the link to the photo. For example, if the photo is on a third-party resource with restricted access. Could you please share the console log and network data?

To get them, open the browser console (F12 or right click → Inspect), refresh the chart, and when it is loaded, open the tooltip of one of the employees and export the console log (right click → Save as) and network data (Network → Export HAR):

Please send the collected data to us at [email protected] with a reference to this community thread.