Modern UI - saving ticket remains on ticket rather than going back to the list

I have just upgraded to the latest version, but now when I save a ticket it doesn't close and return me to the list of tickets like it used to do. Is this normal behaviour now?

I am also trying to run in classic mode (as there are form design changes I've yet to complete), but the add/edit functionality seems to always use modern forms not obey the selection.

Closing of ticket and redirecting to the tickets list was optional in old version and remains such in the current. Please check a pin icon at top right corner: it should be disabled to close tickets after saving.

Updating of HelpDesk replaced the ticket forms that HelpDesk uses to modern ones, so though you can switch the list experience to classic one, adding and editing of items in it uses new forms.


I figured that might be the case and am now battling to make my cascade lookups work again. My next question is despite switching in the setting back to modern UI I still have classic look. Is there a trick Iā€™m missing?

Sorry for all the dumb questions:(

It's not dumb at all, since this is exactly how it should work.

Try to get back to classic view:

Check "Modern UI" again and wait until loading wheel disappear:

Only then go back to tickets. Please let me know whether it helps.

I did do all of that (multiple times). I suspect the problem was actually my browser being overly aggressive with caching. A swift kick seems to have resolved the problem.

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Swift kick? Looks like the good old approach still works in this IT century. =)

I kid you not, there was a case the other day where I asked the user if they had plugged it in - turns out they hadn't!!

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