Moving fields in Forms Designer to another tab

Hi all,

is there a way in Forms Designer to move existing fields or controls (e.g. list or library control) with all settings to another tab of a tab control?

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Hello @ClausGolling,

I don't quite understand you. Do you want to move the tab content dynamically? Could you please describe the use case.

Hello @mnikitina,

i want to move the tab content manually in Forms designer, just instead of deleting SharePoint fields with all settings and create them new on a different tab. I have tried drag and drop to another tab but this does not work.

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Thank you for explanation! No, unfortunately, moving content like this is not supported in the designer.

Instead of deleting fields, I can offer moving them outside of the tab, and then placing them to the tab you need.

@mnikitina ,

Thank you for the hint. I was not aware of this possibility. This works fine for me.

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