MS Form - Result section not showing in export

I have created a "Leavers Form" using MS Forms

This includes leaver's details as well as equipment return and retention of data.

I have configured my template and flow in Power Automate and it can run successfully.

The one issue I have is the equipment field does not show on my exported document (sent as pdf and also the creation of fine in SharePoint) - ALL other fields are picked up apart from Equipment Returned {{equip}} should point to IT Equipment to Return: field - but is showing as blank on the exported docx file (and pdf export)

All other fields display as expected.

Hi @VVIanB,

Please share the template docx file and the JSON.
How the equipment field in the docx template corresponds to the fields in the form? How does it look in the JSON?

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Thanks Petr,

I had a play this morning with the template and also the JSON - all now seems to be working as expected.

Thankyou though :slight_smile:

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