Multiple Filter in a Query Action

Reading through the documentation I see you can add multiple filters. In the example given it is
FirstName eq ‘Adam’ and Gender eq ‘Male’

I’ve been trying a similar one but with a boolean value, but I can’t see examples of this.

My filter is :
orderdate gt ‘[%Variable:shipdate%]’ and Expired eq ‘No’

The query works with just the date, but not with the and Expired eq ‘No’. The Expired column is a Yes/No Value.

Thank you for the message.

Columns with “Yes/No” - it is a column with boolean values.
So, in the filtration condition, you need to use the boolean expression:

orderdate gt ‘[%Variable:shipdate%]’ and Expired eq false

Best regards
Evgeniy Kovalev
Plumsail Team

Thanks - All fine now. That’s the only thing I hadn’t tried!