Multiple roots with compact layout

I need to expand our chart to two root nodes.
I've already found how to do this here:

But my problem now is, that we'd like to keep the layout "Top to bottom compact", which means showing the first level horizontally and the second level and below vertically. Due to the solution with the hidden additional root node, the levels are now "bugged", because the first level from political view is now already the second level technically, and therefore will be shown vertically.

So, the question is:
How can I change the layout to behave like the "Top to bottom compact" layout, but starting switching to vertical layout from the third level instead of second level?

Or is there a smarter way to get two root nodes by now?

Thanks for any hint

Hi @weckmann,
For now, there is no direct way to achieve what you're aiming for.
If you're using the Two root nodes approach, the best layouts to go would be Top-to-bottom classic and Top-to-bottom the grouping of leaf boxes.
However, a possible workaround you can use is creating two Org Charts, each with a different root node manager. As Org Chart doesn't yet support two web parts on one page, you'll need to place those on two separate web pages.
If having two root nodes in one Org Chart combined with Top-to-bottom-compact layout is crucial for you, please consider requesting a paid support customization. Please drop a message to [email protected] and refer to this thread, we'll give you a pricing estimate and discuss the details.