Nested PnP Calls within spRendered no longer appear to work

//get logged in user and display overlay and close if not user
var loggedInUser;     
  loggedInUser = user.Title;
  if ( fd.field('CurrentLoggedInUser').value === loggedInUser || fd.field('CurrentLoggedInUser').value){
    sp.web.lists.getByTitle('Approvals').items.getById(thisItem).update({CurrentLoggedInUser: loggedInUser});
    fd.field('CurrentLoggedInUser').value = loggedInUser;

This is inside the spRendered handler and runs on form load, however when I debug it the debugger drops out on the line which updates the item, with no error message in the console.

What I'm attempting to do here is update a field on the current item in the Approvals list. Up until recently, this code was working fine with no issues.

Dear @abolam,
Are there any console errors when you open the form? Can you share a screenshot of the console?

Apologies, we did track the issue down and it was to do with the list name, which had a space appended on the end.

It looks like at some point %20 is now being encoded by PnP in the list name, whereas previously a %20 was required, can you relate to experiencing the same?

Kind regards

Dear @abolam,
Not yet, at least I didn't face any issues so far, maybe I will in the future, we'll be on the lookout!