New comment re-opening ticket


Hope you can help, we have a trigger set to change the status of a ticket to pending when a new comment is added, but it is also changing the solved status to pending when an agent leaves a comment and saves as solved.

We would only like it to change the status when the requester sends a new comment.

Below is the current trigger set up, if you can point me in the right direction please?

I have also tried with the below and get the same result.

Managed to sort by adding the below condition. thank you.

Hi @0161Steve,
However, please note that this will not work if the comment is added by another agent, not the original assignee.
To check if the comment was added by the 'relevant' person you might want to add such a condition group:
It will do something if the comment author is either the requestor or the CC.


So if i have this right...

My way - The ticket will change status to pending if anyone adds a comment, unless its the asignee where it will stay solved. So if another agent adds a comment it would drop the ticket back into 'My Tickets'? Which is perfect so agents don't miss comment.

Your Way - The ticket would only change to pending if the requestor or CC make a new comment, and any agent comments would be ignored?

Have i understood that right?

Hi @0161Steve,
Yes, this is correct.
In your question, you've stated that "We would only like it to change the status when the requester sends a new comment", so I've suggested checking this specifically.
If, on the other hand, your goal here is to change the status if anybody but the assignee adds a comment, your solution is better.
You see, it all depends on the requirements :slight_smile:

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I'm Sorry, I should have worded my question better.

Although i will keep your suggestion for future reference as i'm sure it will come in useful.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: