New Designer Giving Errors

Opened up some of my more complicated forms and getting this error?

What is this about?

Dear @eweiler,
Seems like your form utilizes a very old Table container, which was present in the old versions of the app. It's not supported anymore as it's been widely abandoned in modern web, since it is not responsive.

We've since replaced it with the modern Grid container - Grid — SharePoint forms

You can find a full guide on how it works here - Grids in Plumsail Forms for SharePoint — SharePoint forms

You'll need to use the older version of the app which opens the forms to replace underlying Table container with the grid first, then open them in the new app.

I have always thought I have used the Grid Container on my forms (top left).

I don't know what you are referring to as a table container.

I have a multi tabbed form with many grids.

How do I identify the very old table container to replace with a grid?

thanks for your assistance

Dear @eweiler,
You can export the form and send to us to analyze to [email protected], but the forms have previously had Table container as an alternative to Grid. It has been removed from the UI, but still was supported on the older forms.

You can check if your fields are placed inside of a Grid or a Table by checking the properties of parent container of fields in the editor (it looks similar, but Table has different properties):

Thank you! I found them. This is what the properties look like


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Dear @eweiler,
Exactly! Replacing these with the Grid will make your forms more responsive to different screen sizes, and will allow you to open the forms in the new editor.