New, Edit and Display Forms are showing small from width

Hi, my forms were showing good until earlier on today. Now they are showing smaller from the width and I don't know why. All forms for all lists are having the same issue.

Can you help me please?

Dear @Daniel_Privitelli,
Looks like you have Cell Properties - Width set to 6 for some of your Containers (looks like it's 6 for the Tabs on top), which is equal to half the form:

Set it to 12 to take full size:

More about working with layout here - Grids in Plumsail Forms for SharePoint — SharePoint forms

Thanks @Nikita_Kurguzov.

Does seeing the form on a laptop or on an attached screen make any difference though?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Dear @Daniel_Privitelli,
Well, if the screen size is different, there would be a difference as it's based on a screen size. If there is something more, can you share a screenshot?