New Form in panel

Hi, all.
I would like to open a new form (and if possible an edit form) via javascript (e.g. Button click) in a panel (modern ui style).
Problem: I need this from start page of the website without list context.
Reason: I have a SPFX web part on my start page which displays data from a list. I would like to add / edit items from this web part.
Is this possible?
Best regards, Carsten

Dear @ckreissl,
Unfortunately, no, that's technically not possible with a panel. Either use full screen form or you can try to open it in dialog from another form - Managing dialog with JS — SharePoint forms

Dear Nikita.
Thx for your reply. Ok. I managed to open the new form in a Sharepoint modal dialog from the start page.
Maybe I will build a custom panel.
Anyway, thank you.

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