New Line in Rich Text Editor

I am having 2 issues with the Enhanced Rich Text editor.
1# Everytime I press enter, it is making a new

rather than just a
therefor every new line has a big gap. Is there a way to change the default "enter" to

2# I can drag and drop in images and they upload and show in the enhanced text editor, however if I use the upload button and select the file, it just spins forever and does not upload.

Hello @Sppro,

What SharePoint version are you using?

Could you please share some screenshots of the form and the behavior you've described thus we have a full picture of the case.

So I have figured out if I hold Shfit and Enter, it adds a
not a

on the rich text, so that is fine.

But I'm still unable to add a image using the image button. I am using SharePoint Online

If I click the upload image button, and choose an image, this spinner just spins forever:

is there any suggestions on how to get the image uploader to work on rich text inputs?

Dear @Sppro,
Sorry for the delay. Are you sure the images are not uploaded? It can take a bit of time, depending on the size of the image. If not - can you check browser's console for errors on upload? If there are any - send us a screenshot.

Also, please, make sure you are using Enhanced rich text in column settings, and not a regular one.

I can confirm I am definitely using a Enhanced rich text. Dragging a picture in works.

I have waited a long time, so its definitely not just uploading.

There is an error in the console is below:

Hi, You can close this ticket

I figured out what the error was due to this error. It was something I had extended and wasnt to do with plumsail forms.

Thanks for your help

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