New ticket notifications - All agents until tickets are assigned

I am looking to create or expand upon a trigger such that when a ticket is created and\or updated, all agents receive notifications UNTIL the ticket is assigned. Once the ticket is assigned only the assignee would be able to receive the ticket.

Can someone walk me thru the easiest way to accomplish this?

Relatively new to the concept and could use some "Plumsail for Dummies" style help.


HI @Jeff.Rodgers ,
I think this trigger will generally do the trick (see the picture below).

  1. You need to start aa trigger on a new comment.
  2. The conditions will check that: a) The AssignedTo field is empty (i.e. ticket not assigned), b) the comment type is "Reply" (and not private comment).
  3. Then you send an email to all the Agents.
    Once the ticket is assigned, the trigger will stop firing because one of the conditions will evaluate to 'false'.

Let me know if this works!