Not Empty Tag unavailable?

My document body consists of the following content:

Refund of {{collection.prop1}} initiated by {{collection.prop2}}.

Now, if the collection is empty, none of the rows are visible which makes sense. Although, I wish not to show the heading (Refund) in case the collection is empty.

What I tried
I tried using combinations of the empty() tag as follows {{collection.prop1}:empty("")}. But not of it seemed to work.

Expecting an answer for:
Kindly let me know if I could somehow remove the heading "Refund" by using some conditional formatting in case the collection is empy.


"refunds": [
"money": 100,
"name": "Abc"

The Output should be:
Refund of 100 initiated by Abc

"refunds": []

Should not display at output at all

Hello @Atharv_Karbhari,

You can try to hide the header using hide-block-if formatter.

Please check out the articles. You'll find some examples of the formatter usage.

There is another useful formatter Map.

If a tag has a specific value, it shows a certain text in the result document.

Best regards,
Plumsail team