Number Fields not Disabling

I have run into the issue of number fields not disabling again. The form is operating otherwise, I have run into this issue in the past a number of times. It tends to resolve itself but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same?

We are also having the same issue with numerous Number fields not disabling. The last community posting with the same issue was from 4/2020. There was a work around suggested from the site below. However, it is not working.

Disabling Number Sharepoint Fields

Hello @COR6603, @cwalter2,

I couldn't reproduce the issue on my forms.

What version of the app package are you using? You can check it in the SharePoint App Catalog. The latest version is

What version of the designer are you using?

If you are using an outdated version of the app package or designer, please install the latest versions.

Learn how to update the app package here.

This issue seems to happen every so often and eventually resolves itself. When I loaded a form this morning number fields disabled properly. I am on both the most up-to-date app package and designer. When it does happen, it only applies to number fields. The problem will persist through closing and reopening the form, clearing the cache. Then at some point it will resolve itself.


I've passed the information to the developers. They'll check this on their side.

I also have updated the app and designer and the disabled number fields are working again but not for the List or Library control. The number fields in the inline editing are not disabled even though they are supposed to.

This is the error displays in the console log with the JS codes below. When the JS codes are commented out, there's no errors in the console log.




We've published updates today.

Please completely clear the browser cache and test.

The number fields are disabled properly in the inline editing now. Thank you!

I would like to request that this issue be tested fully when new version of the app or designer is deployed in the future.

Thanks again for all your wonderful support!

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