Only loads in edit mode

Installed succefully to sharepoint 2013. Webpart added to blank wp page. The chart renders right way in edit mode. When I publish the page the webpart is just showing a spinner. And i get a js error in the console

0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeType' of undefined
at Object.cleanNode (0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1)
at e._initKnockoutBindings (0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1)
at new e (0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1)
at e._createOrgchartControl (0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1)
at e._initContext (0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1)
at e.init (0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1)
at 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
cleanNode @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
e._initKnockoutBindings @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
e @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
e._createOrgchartControl @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
e._initContext @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
e.init @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
(anonymous) @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
Promise.then (async)
e._getRenderer @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
e.init0 @ 0.bundle.v-3.2.2.js:1
(anonymous) @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
Promise.then (async)
t.Load @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
(anonymous) @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
(anonymous) @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
(anonymous) @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
e @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
(anonymous) @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1
(anonymous) @ loader.v-3.2.2.js:1

Tested again and it work in a sitecollection where we don’t use angular as well.

Are they not compatible?

Hi Amir,

This is to inform inform other community members.

We contacted Amir via PM. We don’t have dependencies on Angular JS. But there may be conflicts between knockout and Angular. If someone else has a similar issue please contact us we will investigate it on your side.

Best regards,
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Dear Anna,
we have the same issue here kindly advice

Hi @Bassam_Darras,

What version of SharePoint do you use? Does your site use any custom master pages or third party designs like Wizdom or LiveTales?

Please try to create a site that doesn’t use a custom master page and let me know if web part works in this case.