Open "Edit" Version of Form in Dialog


Is is possible to open the "Edit" version of the form in a Dialog?

Thank you!

All good,

Just needed to get the Edit version of the form link and use this code:'URL',
{},{},{width: 1000, height: 800, title: "Dialog Title"});

Hi, @Nikita_Kurguzov

Is it possible to create a Master URL Link to the Edit version of the form?

I have looked at the documentation but I am only able to create an edit view for each item.

I want to create an Master Edit version of the form which displays the List/Library Control of all the items in a PlumSail form so users can search, filter and edit the list.

Thank you!

Dear @Qman,
How is it different from the default SharePoint list view? You can always have a different list SharePoint form with List or Library control to support this functionality.