Opened Dropdowns do not scroll with the rest of the page

Hi, Is there a CSS change that I can make to get opened dropdowns to scroll with the rest of the form? At the moment if a user clicks on a drop down then scrolls the form, the drop down remains static on the page, is there a way to make it scroll with the actual form control?

Kind regards


Hello @abolam,

Why do you need to scroll options in the drop-down with the form? Could you please share the screenshot of the form so I could have a full picture and suggest the best solution.

Thank you!

Hopefully you can see, although it's a rubbish example because the form doesn't scroll much. My choice field is at the bottom. When I scroll back up the form the options disconnect from the choice field, in the pic they are free floating on tope of a library control.

Does that make sense? Sorry it's not a clear screen shot.