Org Chart Never Loads - Spinning Icon

We’ve had the org chart installed and running for a couple of months. All of a sudden the chart stopped loading. We’ve got less than 5,000 records in the source list and indexes built on all source and tooltip fields.

When debugging in the console I see this error message:
“Unable to scroll to box. Box with ID “1021 - CEO01” not found.” I’ve confirmed this ID exists in the source list.

Any ideas?

Hi @jbotello,
Thank you for the message.

This is a known bug that occurs when you are using the upper case in values for identifier fields in a source list. and we are working on fixing it.

Today or tomorrow we will release the new version of Org Chart that will contain the fix for this problem.

Hi @jbotello,

We released the new version of Org Chart.
Please download the new version from this link.