Org Chart SPFx dependency on CDN

It seems as though the Org Chart SPFx package refers back to Plumsail CDN for resources. Does it retrieve code from this URL when it installs? Or maybe it refers to code there dynamically during runtime? We don't want to refer to external JS, so we'd want a standalone package that includes all JS. Does that exist?

Hello @rdant,

This link is where the Org Chart source code is hosted. Org Chart loads it every time the page loads.

Unfortunately, we do not have a standalone package. However, thank you for pointing that out. This will be taken into account, and we will consider developing one.

Thanks for confirming that. For security reasons, we will not be able to use a component that sources javascript from an external CDN. What are the chances of getting a version with everything packaged into one?

From what little I know about SPFX packaging, I believe it is quite easy to include all resources in the SPFx package by setting "includeClientSideAssets" value to true in the package-solution.json file.

Hello @rdant,

My colleague, Petr, replied to you in the ticket.