Outlook Mailbox in v. 2.1.20

Currently since the last update, we are not able to send ticket answers from separate mailboxes.
This means, that we can indeed send E-Mails to 4 different Mail Adresses, but the answer is always from the default mailbox. But only for a normal reply. e.g. a mail regarding a violated SLA is sent from the correct Mailbox/Adress.

I checked following steps:

  1. the column "HelpDesk mailbox" is correctly filled
  2. there is no "red mailbox" symbol in E-Mail settings
  3. There is no custom SMTP Setup
  4. I removed the outlook mailboxes completely and added them again
  5. I deleted the mailboxes completely from exchange and started over with 2 new "test" outlook mailboxes

All the above steps didn't change the behavior, normal answers based on triggers are always sent from the default mailbox.

Any ideas how to get my hands on this problem?

Hello! Please send a message to [email protected], refer to this topic and provide the full HelpDesk URL.

Sorry for late reply.
But for doc.:
We were able to solve the problem. It seems like the Name in the "Support Mailbox" has to be exactly the same as the e-mail adress. If there is a difference between mail adress and user name, there will occour the described problem.

Thank you for the update! The account used for adding a shared mailbox should be able to read, manage and send e-mails on behalf of the shared mailbox. Perhaps, it was the issue in your case. But logging-in using the e-mail address that you try to add should work in any case.