Overlay after closing dialog

Hi all, We're having an issue when closing dialogs.
Instead of showing the underneath window (parent window) as is, it has an overlay DIV which dissapears when clicking anywhere.
After close:

After clicking:

These are the divs:

And when we click, divs dissapears:

This is happening for a while now.

Anyone with the same issue?


Hello @PedroJimenez,

Is this public or SharePoint form?

How do you open the dialog? Do you have any custom code or styling on the form?

Hello @mnikitina, it's happening in Sharepoint forms. In different sites collection. It begans without any code update.
Only accurs if I open a dialog from within another dialog.
The second dialog is opened from an spDataTable and the only custom code for that spDataTable is:

fd.control('SPDataTable1').dialogOptions = {
width: $(document).width(),
height: $(document).height()



Thank you for reporting this, I've reproduced the issue on my side!

I passed the information on to our developers. I will let you know as soon as I get their answer on this issue.

Hello @PedroJimenez,

We've published the fix today. Please clear the browser cache and test the form.

Hi, @mnikitina it's fixed for us.

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