Pages - Document text Missing

We created pages that our various forms sit in, and the page text is now all missing. the header and footer is still there, although text is missing. Can you please advise if this is being looked into?

for example:

actual page view with form (title now missing)


Dear @Alex_Stephen,
Is this a SharePoint form or a Public Web Form? Can you export the form and send it to us? You can publish it here or send it to us privately to [email protected] with the description of the issue.

A higher screenshot with more form in the view would also be beneficial.

Dear @Alex_Stephen,
No need to do this anymore, we've reproduced the issue. Wasn't sure what text you meant at first, but we'll get to fixing the issue ASAP!

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Dear @Alex_Stephen,
The text should be back, please, have a look!

Thanks @Nikita_Kurguzov all fixed.