Paging for each record in word doc (new user)

I have complex json containing an array of projects and my word doc consists of a header, logo and then a table containing various tokens.

I want a new page with each project consisting of the header, logo and the table. I created a table and pasted in the header, logo and a nested table.

How do I tell it to do a page after record. The way I did it was to put a {{Project.Name}:page} at the top of the document. That did work and it pages where I want it to do but I don't want the Project Name there. I just want a static header there. I tried {{Project}:page} but that failed as Project is the entire json object.

Hello @sasrsc,

You can add page formatter to each tag in the table, not to the title.
Like this


It will create each new table on a new page. I'll share the corrected template in the support ticket.

Best regards,
Plumsail team