Parent/child forms and workflows

I have to set up a new form for Events and allows the user to enter a series of Milestones (Repeating Rows setup as Related Items - assumed approach).

I need guidance on how you then use the Workflows Actions pack to review the Related Items data from the form submission - as this is what will be the workflow alerts.

I am new to the product and was not sure how to accomplish this or if there are any examples to show syntax of it.

Hello thewebco,

So much depends on concrete implementation. You can use Get Items by Query to get related items.

I got it working for the relationship to show only linked items, but I want to enforce on “new” for the creation of “related items” the current parent id.

At the moment it allows you to select ANY parent id as part of completing the form and I want to prepopulate/force this to the current parent.

How do I do this?

Hello thewebco,

I suppose the issue related to Forms Designer, so I would recommend you to ask in Form Designer forum