PDF Form Fill - White on White

I'm new to Plumsail. Used the Documents Connector is Power Automate to fill in a PDF. When I open the PDF I can see the text in black momentarily, then it goes to white on white so its difficult to see.

If I print the PDF, even in print preview I can see the text.

SO how come the text fades from black text on white background to white on white?

Hi @johnsaxton,
Can you, please share your PDF file and JSON data with us? Please drop a message to [email protected] and paste a link to this community topic so that we can recreate your example exactly and easily reproduce.
Please let me know if this is an option for you!

I dug a little deeper this morning. It appears to be a Chromium Edge issue and the built in PDF viewer. If I use Adobe to open the PDF with data added by Plumsail, I see my data.

Thanks for the speedy response.

John Saxton

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