People Picker on Mobile Phone


The people picker field doesn't register with a touch on mobile phone.

i.e. I search a person's name e.g. "Adam", there are four, I can't select one by clicking the person in the dropdown on the screen.
I must continue to type until they are selected at the top, or there is only one person to choose, then press enter.

Confirmed across a few devices and on Apple OS or Android.

Is this a limitation of the component?


Dear @AdamSmith,
Thank you for the report! This seems like a bug, I did reproduce it as well and let the dev team know - should be fixed in the nearest future, stay tuned - I'll let you know once it's done.

Dear @AdamSmith,
It seems that the issue is no longer present in the latest version of Forms for SharePoint Online - please, make sure you have the latest package, then re-save the forms and clear the browser's cache.

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It does seem to be resolved. Excellent. Thank you! and Happy New Year!

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