Permissions/Access issue

We have a weird issue: the users can run the workflow from item menu, but when they are trying to start a task in Scheduler to run the same workflow they are getting prompt for authentication, even after providing it (several times) the workflow get suspended.
We also noticed that when it is run through menu the user id is picked up correctly (who initiates the workflow) but if a person runs it with Scheduler the initiator is Anonymous
Is there a bug? How we can fix that?

Hi, @katy.

Can you please specify what version of Plumsail Scheduler are you using (online or on-premises)? Also please send screenshots with the error message - when and where it occurs.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein.

Hi Kirill,
We are using on-premises with SP 2013.
And i fixed the error - it had nothing to do with Scheduler actually, but the site permissions were all screwed up :-(( Sorry…