Plumsail Connector to PowerAutomate sometimes does not trigger flow

I am using the Plumsail Connector for PowerAutomate to trigger a Flow that creates a new item in a SharePoint list to store data from the form. Most of the time this works great, but occasionally the Flow fails to trigger when there is a submission to the Plumsail Form. There is no "flow failed" error message or any indication that the flow was aware that a form was submitted. Any ideas?

Dear @donald.kantik,
Thank you for the report! We'll need to investigate what's going on - does it happen with a specific form? Do you also store submissions in the Plumsail Account? Is there a specific submission that you have stored in Plumsail Account which didn't trigger a flow?

If you can give us a link to the specific form, and maybe time for a specific submission (maybe with a screenshot) which didn't trigger a flow, we might be able to trace the issue in our logs.