Plumsail Forms are blank when loaded with IOS devices

Further update - it would seem that only the iPhone browser mode is affected by this. Am going to test this in another tenant today to see if I can reproduce in another environment. Tablet and other views appear to work. Could this be related to the introduction of Quick Actions in IOS13?

Seems like quite a sudden impact to forms that were working 2 weeks ago and have not been touched.


If it is possible could you please grant access yo your tenant to troubleshoot the issue.

Please write to us to [email protected].

Will do, emailing shortly.

Hi mnikitina, [email protected] doesn't exist - I presume you meant [email protected]?

Looks like this issue is just limited to our tenant, I've tested this in another tenant and mobile forms are fine in there. Could you help assist me with the problem in our tenant?


Yes, the correct email is [email protected]. Sorry for that, I am making typos by the end of the week :sweat_smile:

It might be that the issue is only on your tenant, Have you tried to republish the form for the mobile devices?

Hi mnikitina

Yes I've tried republishing the form, no difference.

This does seem to be only our problem, but I'm struggling to see how to fix it. Without having mobile views available in my tenant I can't test any forms for my client! As you can imagine, this is a show stopper for us. I'd really appreciate it if you can advise how we might be able to fix this.

Normal SharePoint lists etc appear fine in the mobile view/on mobile - it's only when we open a form do we get the blank screen. Please help!

Kindly, Andy


Please provide us temporary access to troubleshoot the issue. We will not make any changes without your permission, just will check the settings and errors.

I have emailed support with the details. Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

To anyone who has the same problem, there seems to be an error in the last MS update: no web parts are rendered in Single Web Part pages in the mobile view.

We've reported a bug to Microsoft. Please do the same. The more bug reports, the faster they will react to it.

I have the same issue on our Samsung tablets; the forms don't load (only blank screen). The temp workaround is to use desktop mode in your mobile browser.

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Hi ParAvion,

This is actually a Microsoft bug, it is nothing to do with Plumsail forms.

I've recreated the issue without using Plumsail forms - I did this by creating an SharePoint Framework WebPart, placing it on a site page, and then converting the page to a Single Page Application page type. When pages are converted to this format, they no longer work in mobile mode (a blank screen is displayed).

So that we can get this resolved at Microsoft, can you please raise a support ticket via your Office 365 tenant? The more people that raise this issue the more chance it will be fixed quickly.

See this issue on Github -

Kind regards

Yes, the bug is confirmed by Microsoft. @abolam, thank you for the link!

Hopefully, they will fix it soon.

Also, it seems that the bug occurs in the Targeted release only. You can switch to the Standard release. Please find the instructions in this article:

Has anyone heard when Microsoft will fix this?

Hello @ParAvion,

There are no updates from Microsoft.

You can help to point the attention to the problem by raising a support ticket via your Office 365 tenant and leaving the comment under the post at the GitHub. The more reports Microsoft receives, the more likely it is that the issue will be resolved sooner.

@ParAvion - So far I've had two support tickets opened for this issue. The first was closed down for no reason, the second one is still progressing. Looks like we may have to live with this for a while.

Dear @abolam and everyone else experiencing the issue,
It seems like Microsoft still haven't resolved the issue of missing forms. The issue appears on mobile devices, as well as in Microsoft Teams desktop application - the forms are not being rendered properly. Microsoft are aware of the issue, but we've seen no updates on this matter -

Since the issue is quite critical, and since it now appears even in Standard version of SharePoint, we recommend using PowerShell scripts to fix the problem with existing forms.

The following commands will allow you to install PnP Powershell, connect to any SharePoint site and switch page type for Forms, so they actually render on mobile devices:

Install-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline
Connect-PnPOnline -Url
Set-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "PlumsailForms/ListName/Item/NewForm" -LayoutType Article

If the issue is not resolved soon, we'll switch all our forms to this page type. This is not ideal, but at least this works, unlike Single Web Part pages.


@Nikita_Kurguzov I think you should just switch all the forms to that page type because i don't believe this will be addressed by MS anytime soon; it's impacting users in our business.

Dear @ParAvion,
Thank you for the feedback, I'll pass it to the dev team. They're currently considering this option, but there are disadvantages to switching. Rest assured, that this is a temporary measure, and we will resolve this issue soon, one way or another.

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I don't understand what to put into line 3 "PlumsailForms/ListName/Item/NewForm"

Set-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "PlumsailForms/ListName/Item/NewForm" -LayoutType Article

Dear @smithme,
This is the relative path to the exact form that you want to make visible in Teams/on mobile device.

All the forms are stored inside Site Pages, this is the path inside Site pages:
PlumsailForms/ - this is the folder where all forms are located
ListName/ - this is the folder, based on the title of the List for which you want to make the form visible
Item/ - this is the folder for content type, which you've modified
NewForm - this is the name of the file, minus the .aspx extension

I recommend either opening the form in full screen in PC browser and checking its URL:

Or going to Site Pages -> PlumsailForms and looking for correct form there:

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