Plumsail Forms: Lookup DropDown populates other field upon selection

Thanks for the reply, im a bit of a novice when it comes to this but im getting there so thanks for the help

These are the internal names for the columns -

Course Start Date = Coursedate
Location of Course = Locationofcourse
Course Finish Date = CourseFinishDate
Trainers = Trainers

are you okay to show me what to do next?



You are doing great so far!)

Now you need to list internal names in the Extra Fields property of Training Course lookup, like this:

Once done, update the below code (read my comments) and add it to the JavaScript editor:

//all code that you want to be executed when the form is loaded
// or when user fill out the form must be inside spRendered() function
fd.spRendered(function() {

	//function to populate Course Details
	function populateCourseDetails() {
		//Replace CourseLocation, CourseStartDate, and TrainingCourse with internal names of the fields on the form, see the screenshot below
		//As I understand, the Training Course lookup is a control; if it is a SharePoint field, replace control with field
		//add similar lines for other fields
		fd.field('CourseLocation').value = fd.control('TrainingCourse').value.Locationofcourse;
		fd.field('CourseStartDate').value = fd.control('TrainingCourse').value.Coursedate;

	//call the function to populate Course Details when lookup value changes
	fd.control('TrainingCourse').$on('change', populateCourseDetails);

	//call the function to populate Course Details when opening the form
	//if you don't need to populate details on form load, delete this lines
	fd.control('TrainingCourse').ready().then(function(control) {



If you've done it all and it still doesn't work, please share the code and the screenshot of the errors from the browser's console(F12):


Please change update this line of the code:

//call the function to populate Course Details when lookup value changes
fd.control('Control').$on('change', populateCourseDetails);

It should be:
fd.control('TrainingCourse').$on('change', populateCourseDetails);

GOT IT TO WORK!!! thanks so much for your help!

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