Plumsail Forms Query

I believe while purchasing forms we need to register with an account to provide our tenant information

Can we use a technical user account for this?

If we use a user account and if user leaves the company it would be a concern

Please advise if we can use a technical user account for registering while purchasing plumsail forms

Also is there any version upgrade planning for plumsail forms, if so do we need to download package again and install

Hello @pkp,

Please see me reply here:

Hello @mnikitina ,

Thank you for the update

Please confirm if we need to enable scripting for dashboard designer as well, or is it only applicable to plumsail forms

Dear @pkp,
No, you don't need it for Dashboard Designer as it is added as a separate web part. The installation instruction is here -

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzov, @mnikitina

Thank you for the confirmation

One final query will be about version upgrade. Here Update the app package for Plumsail Forms (SharePoint Online) — SharePoint forms it is mentioned that we have minor upgrades and major upgrades.

For minor upgrades we need to update package in App Catalog - Does it mean I have to download plumsail forms package and upload to App Catalog again?

And what will be the difference of upgrading Major versions? Assuming still I have to download latest plumsail form package and upload to App Catalog

Please advise

Dear @pkp,
Most updates (for SharePoint Online) are very minor, and happen almost every week. These are bug fixes, and some minor tweaks. Nothing needs to be done - we just update JavaScript code on our side, you might only need to clean browser's cache to see changes.

We also have updates that increase the version of the editor and require to update the desktop app. These are also frequent, usually at least once a month, at least right now.

The most rare type of update is when you need to update the App Package version. These are least frequent, usually just a few times per year, or less. This is required for the most drastic changes, like new controls and new functionality.

Thank you so much for the update @Nikita_Kurguzov

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