Plumsail Online Form- transfer multi choice value from form to SharePoint column


I am trying to map the values from an Online Plumsail Form to a SharePoint List.

The issue i am having whilst designing the flow (MS Flow) is how to extract the value from the multiple choice question and map it into a SharePoint field.

Firstly does the SP column that I will be mapping the value too need to be (single line, multi line or multiple choice too)

Second how do i map the values in flow. it is not straight forward as the other fields I can easily map.

I can map the other values for other questions easy but I have issues with the multi choice questions I have designed in the form.

Can some please provide me a suggestion in simplest terms, step by step on how to get the multi choice answers from the form and map it into the respective SharePoint field using MS Flow.

Hello @melo,

Yes, this is a bit tricky.

It must be a Multiple Choice field with the same options you have on the form.

In the flow, you need to add additional steps:

  1. Add Initialize variable step. Set the variable type to Array. The value is the Multiple Choice output.

  2. Add Select action. Add the output of the variable to the From property.

  3. In Map property, type Value and add expression item().

See the screenshot:

Add the output of the Select action to Multiple Choice field:


Thank you for getting back me I really appreciate the help.. but I am unable to carryout your instructions as I cannot see the 2 screenshots you have provided.

Can you please reload the screenshots ?


Hi @mnikitina ,

thank you again for responding to my thread

can you please add those screenshots as attachments as I cannot see them please.

Dear @melo,
This forum doesn't allow to attach images, other than how it was done by @mnikitina

You can find the images here: Image1 and Image2

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

Thank you for providing the images.

Unfortunately my attempt looks nothing like the screenshots.

When trying to "initialize variable" i fail as my multichoice field from the form isn't coming up as its field name but rather as "item" (issue 1) then when I select it surrounds the Initialize variable to an apply each control (issue 2).

Why are both my multi choice fields appearing as the name "item" rather than the actually field names like the other fields.

If i do select "item" when the apply each control surrounds the "initialize variable" it then displays that actual name of the column ?

What am i doing wrong here as the screenshot from @mnikitina provided show the name of the multi-choice column in first instance.

Dear @melo,
Yes, you wouldn't be able to place it in any other place, but you should be able to place it only in this specific spot. Remove Apply to each block and try to Initialize variable of type Array, then inside you should be able to select the multichoice - it wouldn't be available in other spots.

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov & Hi @mnikitina ,

Thank you for all your help !!!

I managed to get the values to map into SharePoint.

Is there a away of formatting the values as in the SP column values appear like ...

Issue 3