PnP Custom Action Template for "Assign to me"


helpdesk deployment adds a pnp custom action for "assign to me" button. Since custom actions are not exportable.. is this template public available? We'd like to change it to a dropdown for a specific set of agents.

Thank you!

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Any suggestions on that? Would be very helpful!

Hello! I am sorry for missing this topic. We are currently working on updating ticket forms. The Assign to button will be placed also inside the ticket form. It will allow assigning the ticket to self and to other agents: a drop-down list of agents from the Contacts list will be available.

Regarding the template, I have asked developers and will notify you about their reply.

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Unfortunately, our code and template can't help you to solve the task The developers advised you to follow these articles:

You can use PnPjs to retrieve contacts and filter them by role (Agent). The related SharePoint user is stored in the SPUser field of the Contacts list. Use the same library to assign tickets (set the required SharePoint user in the Assigned to field)

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