Pnp find date and time

Good day
i need to make an register form for events.
with interval time 9:00, 9:20, 9:40, 10:00,10:20, etc. every 20 minutes.
at one time for example 9:00 can be registered up to five items. for 10:00 - 5 items and so on. and restrict if more than 5 .

I need in a dropdown field of choosing date and time to show or hide available time. if it more 5 registrations in a list to alert, that's is no possible registration.
How can verify date and time with pnp ? and to show in drop down only available dates,times.

Hello @ixxxl,

You can create a list with all available time slots and status (available/booked). On the form add a lookup fields that point to these list and filtered by status field. After submitting the form, update the item in the time slots list with a workflow or PnP function.

You can also take a look at Create SharePoint form for booking a meeting room article for the inspiration.

how can i book 5 users to one slot? in article descried it seems is good as normal 1 booking for 1 slot.
i mean 5 different users must have possibility to select this slot, and only after 5 selected to close it.


Instead of the Conference room list, you can create a list with available time slots. The logic would be similar, to check if the slot is available and update item in a target list when users reserve the time.

Thank you!
Based on your advices, i maked 2 lists, one config, and one with events. From config,after setting parameters of events, on pressing buttons are created time slots (list items) in list of events. Then user can use slot which change status to occupied on edit.

One more i need to restrict use modified, must modify only one slot,with one title.


Please see my reply in Check if user was created an item in a list post.