Power Automate - Get Single Ticket doesn't return RequesterEmail

Hi, I'm playing with Power Automate to copy tickets from one instance to another. The idea is:

  • Get Ticket from old instance
  • Get comments for old ticket
  • Get attachments for old ticket
  • Create ticket on new instance
  • Add old comments to new ticket
  • Add old attachments to new instance

However, I can select "Requester Email" from the action "Get Single Ticket" into the field "Ticket Requester Email" when creating a new ticket, but there is no value delivered, because the requester is a Sharepoint User. Same goes for comments and field "fromEmail".

  1. How can I use Dynamic Content expressions from an action in a way that they provide values?
  2. How can I get the email addresses from requesters and for authors of comments, when they are Sharepoint Users and not have email addresses in their Contacts records?


Hello Heinz! Could you a bit more specify your first question? Regarding the second, indeed, there is an issue with retrieving e-mails for members. You can use the output of the "Get a single ticket" action to retrieve an item from the "Contacts" list. Use the default SharePoint action for that. Check the contact's role. If it is "End-User", use the "Email" field. If it is not (i.e. "Member" or "Agent"), use the "SharePoint user Email" one. On the screenshot, I just set a "Requester" variable to the value that I need and use it on further steps.

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Thanks for getting back to me and pointing out a solution to the specific request.

My first question is regarding the availability of variable that I can use in Dynamic Expression in an action. Plumsail suggests using "Requester Email" as a selectable variable for an expression field. Why are variables available for usage, when they don't work? In my understanding, the provided variable "Requester Email" should do exactly what you pointed out in the background and just provide the email address. If it's not intended for that usage, what is the use case then?

I'm following the documentation and of course I use what is listed there. I just wonder why it's not working in the end.

The variable "Requester Email" refers to the "Email" field of the "Contacts" list. If the requester has a role "Member" or "Agent" the field is empty. Thus, the "Requester Email" returns null. Members and agents are the contacts that are bind with certain SharePoint user profiles and their e-mails should be retrieved from the latter. Currently, it is not supported out-of-the-box and you have to use the workaround I suggested above. But I have informed developers about this issue and they will work on making the requester's e-mail available independently of where exactly it is located: in the "Email" field of the SharePoint list or in the user profile.