Print multiple page pdf but also fit on page

Im having problems getting a usable pdf exported.
When I use the regular screen size the export only shows a quarter of the screen.
When I use the function
fd.exportToPDF(fd.field('Title').value, {
paperSize: 'A4',
landscape: false,
multiPage: true

It does print multiple pages, but they are way out of scale,

When I try to add the following, it fits on one page width wise, but doesn't print multiple pages
.k-pdf-export .parent-grid {
width: 1080px !important;

Im sure that there's an easy way to do this, but Im just getting started with Forms and know little js

Hello @Amys_Turtlgal,

Unfortunately, auto page breaks not working perfectly, especially when you use containers in the form. That is why it is better to specify where you want the page to break, by adding the HTML control with the following code:

<div class='breaker'></div>

And JS pdfOptions will be the following:

fd.pdfOptions = {
    forcePageBreak: ".breaker",
    paperSize: 'A4',
    landscape: true

Also, for complex forms, we suggest creatingPDF from DOCX template.