Print/PDF of Grid looks awful

I've created a relatively large form based on Grid layouting.
It looks fine online and works like a charm, but we should be able to save a PDF version of the View screen, and I was hoping the PDF Export feature would do the trick.

But without any tricks the PDF looks totally awful: much too large fonts, a lot of content is just outside the visible area, very bad page break behaviour, just not usable.

Now, after doing some research, I've found some hints to do some styling for the PDF export, but this is quiet difficult and will be a lot of extra work.
Shouldn't the export function deliver something more useful?
Am I missing some trick to get it downscaled so it fits in the visible/printable space?

Thanks for any help.

Hello @weckmann,

Yes, built-in PDF printing ideal for simple forms, but due to some limitations, it can be hard to adapt complex forms. We have an article with tips and tricks that you may apply to your form. You can find it here.

For more complex forms, we suggest creating PDF file from DOCX template using Power Automate (MS Flow). You can use either Word Online (Business) connector or Plumsail Processes.