Problem: When converting XLSX to PDF date changes to one day prior

I have 2 cells in Excel sheet formatted as Date (dd-mm-yy) - Start Date and End Date. I am uploading the Excel file to SharePoint document library. This triggers a Power Automate flow that converts the file to PDF (using Plumsail Document action) and emails it to the user. When I enter date as 23-02-21 (in either cell), the PDF file has date 22-01-21. I am located in Mumbai, India. Is this due to timezone of conversion servers? This is a consistent issue, not random or occasional.

Hello @YatinP,

Could you try to enter the date and then save the excel file as PDF in Excel application? Does it save the date correctly? If yes, please share the excel template please and a screenshot of the action in Flow in Edit mode?

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team