Problem with Dialogs

I am sure this was never thought of, but here is my situation.
I have a form, with a List or Library that opens a second form in a dialog.
The Dialog form has a list or library that, opens a third form in a dialog. This is a Parent -> Child -> Grand Child type relationship.

The first dialog opens and all of the javascript and everything works great. However, when I open the third dialog I am getting weird behaviors, like the fd.spRendered is not being called. If I go to the Child List and open the Grand Child (as the only dialog) then everything works normally/correctly.

So I have one of two questions:

  1. How do I solve the issue I am having and keep this Parent -> Child -> Grand Child relationship with the dialogs.
  2. In the Parent (original) form, change the List control to open the Child in a New Browser Tab instead of a Dialog.

Dear @sphilson,
I think the issue here might come down to the specific code used. There is nothing that should be giving issues to the grand child specifically.

For now, you can try removing all the code from Child form, simplifying the code on Grand child form and testing it.

If it doesn't work - please, share your code with us, we'll test and see what goes wrong.

I think I have it resolved.

This was one of my very first forms I did, and I had some unnecessary javascript code that once removed resolved this.

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