Prvent second Form submit


I think this is possible and I can guess the solution but im not sure, so here goes:

I send a link to a form with MS Flow to more than one person, everyone that gets this link can click on it and will land on the Form where they can edit stuff and then submit with "Accept" or "Deny" but i one person accepted, then the next gets the link but still lands on the page (with edited fields and a different status, so he/she should know that this is already accepted/denied) but can still submit with accept/deny and edit stuff again.

Maybe somewhere in Routing?

Thank you

Hello @Mart,

I'm not sure I fully understood what you want to achieve.

You need to collect feedback from several users, and you need a user to see the feedback left by others. Also, you need to collect feedbacks consistently. Is that correct?


Sorry I was a bit unclear.
I meant that I automatically send a mail with the link to the site to several people at once, and if one of them got on the site, filled out the form, submitted it, the next one that also clicks the link cant submit it again, like its already done, locked.
Right now when its already submitted and the next person clicks the link he gets to the site and could see that the status is different and that the last editor was Mr. xyz, but the form could still be submitted again.
It only needs to get edited by one person from all the people i send the link to basically.

Hello @Mart,

Thank you for the clarification!

There is no way to achieve this out of the box, only using custom code.

For instance, you can save the login of the current user and the current time into a separate field with PNPjs and check this field on opening the form. If the field has been changed recently and the login name does not match the current user, then display a conflicting message.

If you need help with the code, you can use paid support. Please contact us via [email protected] for more details.